Tailgating or Homegating This Fall With Coleman

Tailgating or Homegating This Fall With Coleman

Ready for tailgating? Football season is almost here. Get your tailgating or homegating needs from the Coleman Collection. #TailgatingWithColeman


Tailgating or Homegating

This Fall With Coleman


Are you ready for football? We can’t wait to hit the Friday night lights when our alma mater plays. It’s such a fun time gathering around and tailgating with old friends and cheering on our favorite high school team.

We thought we’d give our new Coleman products a trial run with a preseason kick-off and a little homegating to get us in the mood. Walmart has an entire Coleman collection. You can find things in the store, but there is even more available online. You can have your Coleman products delivered to your home or pick them up in-store and SAVE!



Coleman 4-in-1 Mosaic Table

We ordered the Coleman 4-in-1 Mosaic Table and the Coleman Party Ball. It was easy to run through our local Walmart and pick these up. I could even text the store when I arrived, so they could get my packages ready for me. How easy is that? I love anything that saves me time.

We love the Coleman 4-in-1 Mosaic Table. It has a thoughtful and well-planned design. It is compact to carry and store, and all of its pieces snap inside the closed table. There is even a handle. The table consists of two tables that you can configure in a multitude of ways — two side tables, one square table, one long table. The table also features adjustable legs for differing heights and adjustable feet for stability, awesome. You could even make a two-level table for serving. Strong, sturdy, stable.

Watch this video on how easy the table is to set-up, tear-down, and configure.


Coleman Party Ball – Charcoal Grill

The Coleman Party Ball is a small charcoal grill that features foldable legs, lid latches, and a handle for transport. The grill has a removable charcoal tray for easy clean out of ashes. The lantern shaped draft holes are pretty cute. We easily fit four hamburgers on the grill, and we had to toast our buns in two batches. The Party Ball is great for on-the-go.

All in all, we had a fun time with our homegate. We had some great food and even laughed it up with some crazy antics. So, whether tailgating at the game with friends or homegating in the backyard with family, Coleman is there to help you enjoy the outdoors!

Get ready for your Fall tailgate with the Coleman Collection and get your discount when you pick-up in the store.

Happy Tailgating!







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Backyard Fence Decor Creates A Personal Touch

Creative inspiration to give your yard a personal touch with DIY Backyard Fence Decor. You’ll love spending time outside in your garden. #Backyard #FenceDecor


Backyard Fence Decor

Personalize Your Fence with a Creative Touch


This past week, we got a NEW FENCE! You have no idea how thrilled we are. I will be putting a post together on the subject very soon, so keep watching the blog. But, with this lovely new fence in our yard, I thought it would be fun to look at ideas for backyard fence decor. So, please, enjoy this roundup of creative and easy DIY fence decoration ideas.

DIY A Framed Succulent Wall Planter from Mackenzie @ Lonny


DIY Tin Can Fence Garden from Kristi @ I Should Be Mopping The Floor


Old Window With Shutters Fence Decor from Melissa @ Empress Of Dirt


Fence With Birdhouses from Balcony Garden Web


Garden Fence Barbecue Cooking Station from Site House


Herb Garden Planter Boxes on the Fence from Stacy @ Not Just A Housewife


Mirrored Window Fence Decoration from Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage


Junk Garden In Bloom from Jen @ Jen Bowles Design


Outdoor Chalkboard Goodness For Your Fence from Darci @ The Good Life


DIY Fence Table from Sara @ Sensibly Sara


Hang a DIY Outdoor Movie Screen on your fence. From Jessica @ Running With Scissors


Plates Used To Decorate Garden Fence by Roland Smith @ Garden World Images


Garden Salvage Fence Door from CC on Hometalk


The Original Table Leg Dragonflies With Ceiling Fan Blade Wings from Lucy @ Lucy Designs


Garden Art on the Cheap – Glass Marbles On Your Fence from Eric @ Garden Drama



See anything you like? There is a lot of creativity and inspiration with these amazing ideas. I’d love to hear what you think, and please share your ideas for backyard fence decor!







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13 Mason Jar Ideas Great For Summer Living

Have some fun this summer with these fabulous and creative Mason Jar Ideas perfect for decor, entertaining, gifts, and more! Get more out of your summer living. #MasonJars #Summer


Mason Jar Ideas

Great for Summer Living


Summer is a great time for having fun with friends and family. If you are looking for some special ideas that a creative and easy, this roundup DIY Mason Jar Ideas fits the bill. I know you are going to love these fabulous ideas from these very talented bloggers. Enjoy!

DIY Bug Repellent Summer Mason Jar Luminaries from Claire @ A Little Claireification


Pretty Patriotic DIY Mason Jar Vases from Linette @ Home and Garden Cafe


Summer Mason Jars – Lemon and Watermelon Silverware Caddies from Jen @ Pink When


DIY Summer Activity Mason Jar Decor with Pallet Wood from Becky @ My Paper Craze


Summer Letter Writing Kit In A Jar from Malia @ Yesterday On Tuesday


Hanging Jar Herb Garden  from Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage


Mason Jar Watermelon Cake Dessert from Courtney @ Pizzazzerie


Mason Jar BBQ Favors from Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage


Easy Boho Chic DIY Mason Jar Candleholder from Amy @ Mod Podge Rocks


Mason Jar Bird Feeder from Merissa @ Little House Living


Mason Jar Light DIY from Robin @ All Things Heart And Home


Frosted Mason Jars and Picnic Caddy DIY from Jenn @ Clean & Scentsible


Painted Mason Jar Vases DIY from KC @ The Real Thing with the Coake Family



Isn’t this a great collection of Mason Jar Ideas? I knew you’d  love them. So have some fun this summer and make one or few for yourself. Happy summer!


Looking for other summer ideas? Check out Kids, Summer, YIKES! and End-of-Summer Recipes.







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DIY Roundup – Top 16 DIY Projects of 2016

It’s time for a new year, and that means it is time to reminisce and look back over 2016. Today, we want to revisit the top 16 DIY projects of the year and bring you an inspirational DIY roundup in the process. Rev your imagination and let your creativity flow!


Top 16 DIY Projects of 2016

A DIY Roundup from Life With Lorelai


We’ll start with number 16 and work our way to the number one DIY project on the blog this past year.



Origami Card Holder



Custom Wire Basket



Farmhouse Scale Makeover



Discount Store Vase to Outdoor Lighting



Solar Lamp – Beautiful Outdoor Decor



Guest Room Charging Station



Wooden Garden Sign



Easy Table Runner



Hoot Owl Craft & Centerpiece



How To Loom Knit A Scarf



Wooden Beach Marquee Sign



Car Care & Basic Road Trip Kit



Loom Knit Yarn Ball Cat Toy



Sports Button Display



Sidewalk Chalk Tutorial



Haunted Mirror


2016 has been a creative and crafty year! We look forward to sharing more wonderful DIY projects and craft ideas with you in the coming year. Happy New Year to you and yours!







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5 Essentials For Outdoor Fall Events

This time of year is full of entertaining opportunities, and it is lovely to spend those last moments before the winter freeze outdoors. Debbie Lewis is here to share 5 Essentials for Outdoor Fall Events.

5 Essentials

For Outdoor Fall Events

When the weather starts to take on a cool edge and the days begin to grow shorter, you might think you’re doomed to be cooped up indoors for the next several months. However, you can still enjoy being outside. All you need to do is create an outdoor space where you and your guests can be comfortable even during the fall and winter months. Here are some essentials that you’ll need:

A Fireplace

Image via Flickr by Jarsin Trevino

Yes, you could tell your guests to wear lots of layers, but that isn’t nearly as comfortable or relaxing as sitting by a fire. Contact local experts who can help you design an outdoor fireplace that complements your home’s décor and will serve as a cozy place where you can sit and swap stories while you snack on smores.

Another option is to buy a metal fireplace from your local home improvement store, but that lacks the class and longevity of a permanent stone fireplace that you and your guests will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Adequate Lighting

When you host fall and winter outdoor events, the last thing you want is to have to send your guests home when the sun sets. Make sure you have adequate lighting so no one trips and gets hurt. You can have a floodlight attached to your house, but that may not be enough. Think about installing small solar-powered lights along walkways outside your home.

Search the internet for creative ideas on how to light your home’s exterior. You can also use candles in mason jars to add an extra touch of elegance, or you could string up icicle lights for a lovely holiday party. The possibilities are endless!

A Patio

Image via Flickr by Mr_Wahlee

When the weather is dry, it might be no problem to have guests relaxing in your grassy yard. During fall and winter, however, the grass will often be wet and muddy. When temperatures take a plunge, your yard could even become slippery to the point of being dangerous. A paved patio provides a safe walking surface. If necessary, you can place rubber mats on it to make it even safer.

An Outdoor Kitchen

Image via Flickr by Roger Mommaerts

Your outdoor kitchen doesn’t need to be elaborate, but it does need to have some basics. It could be as simple as a grill, a bin to keep drinks in, and a storage place for outdoor cooking supplies. You should also have a place where you can keep carafes of hot drinks, such as coffee and cocoa, so your guests can help themselves to something warm and tasty whenever they want.

Overhead Covering

Image via Flickr by Bellafaye Garden

If you live in an area where rain is common in fall and winter, you’ll have to prepare for that liquid sunshine when you’re planning your outdoor event. You can buy some sturdy patio umbrellas, or you could build an awning or a gazebo that will provide shelter from drizzles and raindrops.

Sometimes it is nice to stay indoors during fall and winter. However, you and your guests can still get outside and enjoy the fresh autumn air.







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26 Fabulous and Easy DIY Projects Round Up

I am so excited to bring you this fabulous and easy DIY Projects Round Up today! After a year as a regular contributor, Michelle James, is moving on to other things. We are incredibly sad. She is an amazing friend, talented blogger, and an inventive DIYer. Today, as a way of saying thank you for all of her many posts, I am presenting a year’s worth of DIY projects created by Michelle James Designs. Thanks, Michelle, we love you!


26 Fabulous & Easy DIY Projects

A Year’s Worth of Creativity in One Sensational Round Up!


Here are 26 creative DIY projects that you will love. Michelle takes care of your home inside and out with decor and organization. And, she has great seasonal, entertaining, and gift giving ideas too. And I’ve compiled all her posts into this one sensational round up.

Make your guest feel special.

Guest Room:
Guest Room Essentials
Warm & Cozy Guest Room Throw Blankets
Charging Station For Your Guest Room


Fall Wine Labels & Free Printables


Add some personal touches for the holidays.

Holiday Foil Pillow Cover DIY
Holiday Tags – Free Printables
How-To Create A Christmas Topiary


Entertain with style!

DIY Napkin Rings With Beads
DIY Double Tiered Tray
Retro Napkin Holder


Recipe Card Organization & Free Download
Make A DIY Custom Wire Basket


Valentine’s Day:
Easy Valentines Ideas


Create unique and lovely home decor.

Home Decor:
Spice Rack To Cool Vase
Painting Mason Jars With Chalk Paint DIY
DIY Wooden Beach Marquee Sign
Framed Seasonal Art
Coordinates Sign DIY
5 Reasons To Love Coffee & Free Printables
Farmhouse Scale Makeover
Farmhouse Style Wood & Metal Vase Decor


DIY Outdoor Lighting From Discount Store Vases
DIY Wooden Garden Sign


Pillow Shams – Easy Peasy


Gift Ideas:
Wine & Chocolate Gift Jar
S’mores & Popcorn Camping Gift – DIY

I hope you enjoyed this round up, and will give these amazing projects a try. Be sure to share them, and let me know how they turned out!


Find more wonderful and creative DIY ideas at Michelle’s blog, Michelle James Designs. Visit her, and tel her, “Hi!” from me.







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Solar Lamp DIY – Light Your Outdoor Living Space

Make your summer nights beautiful by creating your own outdoor ambiance with this Solar Lamp DIY project.


Solar Lamp DIY

Add Some Style to Your Outdoor Living


I have been wanting to make a solar lamp for our backyard patio area for a long time. So, I kept an eye out for the perfect base to accomplish my goal. Luke and I stumbled upon a tall candlestick with a concrete base that we thought would work perfectly.

Gather What You Need:

Since this lamp is tall and will be outside (where you may get a breeze), we needed a heavy base to support the lamp. We found our base on clearance at one of our favorite craft and hobby stores. You could also find a heavy candlestick or lamp base at a thrift store or garage sale.

We picked up a hanging plant basket, a solar yard lamp, and a long screw with a washer to complete our project needs list. Choose a yard lamp and planter basket that fit the proportions of your base stand. We already had a can of black spray paint, some fine-to-medium sandpaper, and a couple pieces of scrap wood. You will also need zip ties, a pair of vice grips, saw, miter box, and a drill.

Make A Plan:

The first step in our project was to assess our components and come up with a plan that would work the best to provide stability and durability. Make sure you measure everything, so you can be sure to have the proper length screw(s), etc. for your project. Having a solid plan helps the work go together faster.

Get Started with the Fitting Process:

We removed the glass candle holder (I used that for something else later). As you can see in the first photo, our glass candleholder sat down inside a metal dish attached to our stand. A second metal piece inside the glass allowed for a screw to hold the glass to the stand. This second piece turned over and fit perfectly over the first piece. We made a wood block to fill the space to give strength and stability to support our yard lamp and planter basket. We marked it with an “X” to find the center for drilling a hole for the screw.

Take the stem off your solar yard lamp. Measure the stub on the lamp that the stem fits over. Then, decide how tall you want your lamp to be with the planter basket shade on it. Once you have the proper height, measure and cut the stem. We used a saw and miter box.

Now, you want to find a scrap of wood that you can cut (and file if needed) to fit snugly inside the stem. This will add strength to your stem to support the weight of the lamp head and planter basket. You want to cut this wood to a length where your screw will go from the top of the wood and screw into the base of your lamp. This screw is what holds the lamp together. Make sure there is plenty of room for the screw head and lamp stub to fit easily into the stem. Drill a hole all the way through the scrap wood (length-wise). Then, shove the wood scrap inside the stem, it should be tight.

Getting the Lampshade Ready:

A wire hanging planter basket makes a great lampshade for your solar lamp (use the coconut liner for another garden basket). The one problem with the basket is the bottom wire supports. They will cut across the solar panel of the lamp. Those wires need to be removed. A pair of vice grips makes this an easy job. Just a little wiggle and jiggle, and you’re done. Watch this quick video:


How simple is that?


Test Fit:

It is always important to test fit any project. Get the bugs out, and make any tweaks and adjustments that are needed, before you put on the final paint and polish.

Start by making sure your base is ready to add the solar lamp. For us, that meant having the wood block in place inside the metal dish. Then, take the screw, with the washer, and place it through the solar lamp stem. Tighten the screw, attaching it to the base. Notice the wood does not fill the entire stem, so there is room for the screw head and the lamp stub. Place the solar lamp stub into the stem.

Set planter basket upside down on top of the solar lamp, to create a lampshade. Decide where you will need to drill the lamp cap to place zip ties for attaching the lampshade.

Attach the Lampshade:

Since we did not paint the planter basket, we attached the lamp shade to the solar lamp cap. We had a square cap, so we drilled holes on either side of each corner edge, and threaded the zip ties through. We used white for the pictures for you, so they would be easier to see.

Time for Paint:

Rough-up the base and all pieces that need painting with some fine-to-medium sandpaper, so the paint will stick well. Spray in short, even bursts at a distance of about 12 inches. Make sure everything dries thoroughly before assembling the lamp.

You can see that we changed out the white zip ties for black ones for our finished product.

I know you will enjoy this solar lamp as much as we do. It was a fun project to create, and we are getting lots of use out of it. Impress your family and friends!

Looking for another fun idea for outdoor entertaining? Check out my DIY – Bug Umbrellas For Party Drinks!







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5 Metallic DIY Ideas For Your Garden


5 Metallic DIY Ideas for Your Garden


With summer quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to decorate your garden. Metal is great for garden projects because the shine from the material makes for dazzling décor.


Whether you’re new to crafting or are a DIY veteran, these five projects are perfect for adding a little bling to your garden without breaking the bank:


  1. Coke Can Charms


Aluminum cans are cheap and easy to come by. You can make whatever kind of charms you want — as long as the design fits on your material.


Source: Melissa J. Will


Here’s how to do it:

  • Get some gloves and safety goggles before you start. Aluminum cans are sharp. Safety first!
  • You’ll need a box cutter and some strong scissors for this project. You’ll also need some cardstock for creating designs, a sharpie to draw with and something sharp — like a screw or an awl — to poke your aluminum.
  • Start by using your box cutter to remove the top and bottom ends of the can. Once you have your cylinder, cut the aluminum straight down the middle to give you one rectangular piece of material.
  • Trace your design onto the aluminum, and then cut it out using your scissors. Once your design is free, you can use an awl or screw to puncture the charm for added decoration or even just to hang it.


  1. Steamer Basket Flowers


Steamer baskets are easy to find, and they are perfect for adding some shine to your garden. Check your local thrift store or flea market, and you’re sure to find at least one steamer basket ready to be repurposed.

Source: Salvaged Dreams


To add a charming steamer basket flower to your garden:

  • Start by opening your steamer basket all the way. Once it’s open, you’ll see how the metal pieces resemble individual petals.
  • Remove the pin from the center of the basket.
  • Paint and attach a stem if desired — you can use anything from wood to metal to PVC pipe.


  1. Copper Cap Planters


Source: Poppytalk


Copper is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. The color and shine is probably why copper was a big trend in 2015. Using copper end caps as succulent planters is a perfect way to add a little metallic bling to your garden.


Succulents don’t require much water, so drainage shouldn’t be an issue. If you’re worried about it, though, you could drill a small hole in the bottom of the cap.


If your copper starts looking a little dingy, don’t worry. You can use ketchup to get the shine back in no time.


  1. Penny Ball


Not only is a penny ball another great use of copper in the garden, but it’s functional as well as decorative. In case you were wondering how, copper repels slugs. A penny ball can even help hydrangeas stay bright and flourish by enhancing the pH of your soil. The catch? You should use pennies from before 1983.


Source: Houzz


After that year, pennies started having much more zinc than copper. Too much zinc can disrupt the natural order of your garden. It makes the soil inhospitable to earthworms and microorganisms that are necessary to healthy soil and plants.


To make your penny ball:

  • Start by selecting your spherical base. Whether you choose to use an inflatable ball or a bowling ball, you’ll need something to glue all those pennies to.
  • Use an outdoor glue such as marine goop. It should be moisture and UV resistant to help it stand up to the demands of the outdoors. Make sure your workspace is well ventilated.
  • Glue the pennies on in the pattern of your choice.


  1. Silverware Flowers


Got some bent silverware you’re ready to get rid of? Don’t just toss it in the trash — repurpose it into shiny flowers for your garden! You can glue your silverware together however you’d like to make your flowers. You can also use washers and candle snuffers to add an extra level of glam.


Source: Instructables


To make these shiny flowers, you’ll want to:

  • Use a strong glue like marine goop in a well-ventilated area. You can bend the spoons to fit together as desired.
  • Try different combinations of bent and folded utensils to get the flower shapes you like.
  • Don’t be afraid to glam up your flowers with gems or other colorful additions.


No matter how you decide to decorate your garden, it’s hard to go wrong with metal. With a little effort, your garden will be ready to impress neighbors and friends in no time.

Visit Megan at her blog, Your Wild Home!







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DIY Outdoor Lighting From Discount Store Vases

Another great DIY project just in time for those Spring and Summer nights on the veranda, in the yard,  or on the porch swing! Thank you, Michelle James, our Regular Contributor.


Discount Store Vases to Outdoor Lighting

An Easy DIY Project to Enhance Outdoor Living


Hi everyone!  I love creating new outdoor lighting for my patio.  Last year I created these hanging lights; so this year, I wanted something to go on my patio table.  I headed to my favorite discount store and came up with this.


To make these super easy lights you need the following supplies:

  • Vases from the discount store – you can choose from the shapes and sizes but make sure the solar light will rest on the top of the vase without falling in.
  • Solar Lights – also from the discount store
  • Oil based Sharpie Markers



How to Make the Outdoor Lights:

  • You will need to remove the stake part of the solar light so you have just the light part.



  • Now you will be decorating your vases using the oil based markers.  I wanted to make some dandelions.  I know they are weeds and I don’t like them in my yard but I do like them in décor.  I have seen some really great pins that involve dandelions.
  • I started with the green stem.  I drew one long stem then on the opposite side of the vase I drew a shorter stem.



  • Now make the lines to form the “flower” by starting at the top of the stem.  Draw lines coming out from the top of the stem all the way around to create a circle of lines.



  • After you have the lines done, use the tip of the pen and make a “dot” at the end of each line.



  • Now add more “dots” inside the flower.  I added them on lines all of the way around and down to the stem.



  • Then create some fly away blooms by creating short line with a dot at the end.  I had them fly up the vase so it looks like they are taking off into the air. So easy!



  • Once you have your painting done you will need to cure it in the oven.  Place them on a baking sheet and put them into a cold oven.  Turn the oven on to 200 degrees.  Let them bake for 1 hour then turn off the oven and let it cool.  Then remove them.  I did all of this in the evening so after I turned off the oven I just left them in until the next morning.
  • If they need to be washed, they should be carefully hand washed.




I hope you liked these and will give them a try.  I can’t wait for warmer days, when I can sit outside.

Have great day!

Until next time,




Visit Michelle at her blog, Michelle James Designs!

Do you have any fun lighting ideas?

How do you like to use your outdoor living spaces?







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